Friday, June 17, 2016

DA Automatic License

Assalamualaikum and hello there, guess what? Someone just passed her driving license. It's me! Haha sorry for the over the top excitement. If you knew my story of getting a car license I bet you will be happy like me. I took L license twice okay. So a lil celebration won't kill right. Okay, here is  my story on getting a DA Automatic License, well as an introduction DA is Automatic Car license. Why i took DA? Well the reason is simple, all my car in my house is auto car and the fee is cheaper than manual so why go the hard way right guys?

Firstly, i took my license at Metro Driving Academy, they have two main HQ in Puchong and Kampung Melayu Subang. Of course i registered at the nearest one to me in Subang. I highly recommend Metro Driving Academy because the teachers are superbly experienced. The JPJ already recognized this institutions so the process with JPJ is much easier. Trust me, I give tips for you on this later on.

Let me explain on the fee first, during my time in 2016 the fee for DA license is RM2100 + RM200 (transportation). As for D license which is manual car it is RM2300 + RM200 (transportation). Yep its kinda weird for me as well why DA is cheaper but i believe they just want to encourage people to have license. *btw now in June 2016, Metro is having a massive discount of RM300 off for both license. Too bad i already have license. Haha. A lot of people say that it is so expensive and yes i gotta admit that but the service you receive is worth every penny. Btw I took it with transportation because I don't want to burden anyone having to send me and pick me up all the time.

Moving on to classes well this gonna be long if explained in detail so lets make it short. They gonna have two type which I call it 'kelas mendengar' dan 'kelas memandu'. Haha easier to understand. Kelas mendengar will be one whole day of class 9 until 6 during weekend only. While kelas memandu will be 16 hours of class. The new batch are lucky that they have combine it to 4 hours per session. So it only took me 4 classes before JPJ. Whereas before only 2 hours per session so it is a freaking long journey. So yep I got the best teacher even though some kind of *suami orang ada perempuan simpanan* kinda weird somehow. He teaches me in the first session everything i need to know. So by the second session he actually slept while i was driving in the track. Shh dont't let anyone knows. Haha. Here the best part of my journey which is the test day. *drumroll evelibadiiii*

Test day, the test usually starts at 9.30 but my #tips be early because they will have taklimat from JPJ. Very informational and listen to every detail of it. I'm a bit late due to abang Metro ambil lambat. Haha. They have the list name which they will put on board outside the waiting room. Out of 30 drivers for auto car, I am no 18. Tak la nervous sangat dapat awal awal okay. But the earlier your number, less nervous you will be I think. Automatic car will undergone RPK and RSM first then on the road test vice versa for the manual car. So after finish RPK and RSM it was so simple but trust me dont take it lightly. I was lucky to get a nice JPJ but behind those smiles they are very strict actually. So jangan main main. Just do it like you learn and while doing RSM just say it loudly even if you think they won't hear you but actually they are. So my next #tips will be voice out, jangan malu, do it confidently. Even if everyone is looking at you, just worry about yourself. #tips if you are lucky the JPJ tengok confident sangat budak ni they might ask you to skip half of it you knowww.

So after that, waiting for your car to arrive where you proceed directly to BUKIT. During this time, JPJ will blow whistle and call one by one car to get on the hill. So when you step in the car #tips be comfortable, adjust everything because that is the car you going to drive in the track. You will got two chance for bukit but try to get it the first time. But I have to redo it again because he said I was going to slow. Hahaha. I was trying to play safe without realising i was too slow. Sorry abang JPJ.

Moving on to the next test, PARKING. So many steps to remember but be confident. #tips masa class tolong fokus dekat parking sebab ini tempat paling ramai orang fail even for auto. Well kalau for manual famous tempat fail is bukit. But for auto, the famous part to fail will be parking. So here there are 5 parking spots. The first and 5th spots are the nearest to JPJ. I was lucky to get at the 2nd spot. #tips beware of the white line, kalau JPJ nampak kereta langgar white line, confirm fail.

Moving on to TIGA PENJURU/3 POINTER. The rules here are only 3 times you can brake and stop your car. No adjusting your car. So #tips rapatkan kereta ke kanan siap siap masa masuk so that bila reverse kereta tak depan sangat. Nanti langgar divider confirm fail. Beware.

Moving on to Z road. You can brake here but no reverse! #tips JPJ tak nampak sangat sebab jauh dari dorang. But there is no excuse for you to make mistakes okay.

As for auto we have extra test which called RAMP. Trust me the most tiring part for auto because it takes a lot of time, you have to turun naik kereta a lot of time! #tips sabar walaupun cuaca panas. Haha. Another #tips kalau dah terlajak kedepan tak sempat brake please move on je. Probability the JPJ won't notice is very high. Well it depends on the JPJ actually.

Lastly for the track test will be S road. The rules here are you cannot brake and do not hit the curb. #tips jangan bawa lelaju macam dah expert. Relax je. #tips JPJ tak nampak sangat sebab jauh dari tempat dia duduk.

Finally finish with the track test now lets moving on to ON THE ROAD test. You have to wait again in the waiting room, wait for your name to be call. #tips doa dapat JPJ lelaki if you are a woman, doa dapat JPJ perempuan if you are a man. As we all know, couples match a lot. I was lucky enough to get abang JPJ, Though he asked me to drive at the longest road but he talks to me and sembang chit chat sangat baik. Kalau dapat perempuan mampus weh nak sembang macam tu. #tips walaupun dia suruh bawa laju macam mana pun, please be confident with yourself kalau you rasa that speed is the best. Provoke je tu, Oh ni JPJ perempuan tu suruh one of my friend. Saja nak uji katanya. #tips be nice with them. Find a topic that suits both of you only if your JPJ is talkative. Kalau dia diam je tak payah beriya nak sembang. #tips jangan rude and tunjuk besar kepala dkt JPJ.

Extra #tips you are lucky enough kalau masa test tak ramai JPJ so that less strict. If ramai JPJ, strict gila okay. #tips abang abang and Metro teachers are super nice and they try to help you during the test. #tips jangan skip class without reasons because you will be charged RM300 per class. I guess thats all for now because i'm already out of tips to give, Alhamdulillah I passed with flying colors with just one test. Berkat bulan ramadhan. Hehe. So in one week I will receive my license. *jump happily*

Goodbye and goodluck to everyone yang nak ambil license. Lots of love.

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