Saturday, December 19, 2015



I can't believe that i'm actually about to finish my degree soon. Time sure flies fast. At this young age i'm about to finish my degree. Alhamdulillah. Pray for my final year. Pray for my internship. Pray for my thesis. Pray for my viva. Pray for my life. Amin.

I wouldnt say i am an introvert. I am partially introvert and extrovert. I have small circles of friends. Honestly, i dont even know if i really mean anything to them. Do i give any impact in their life? Do i have a place in their hearts? Do i will remain in their mind? Do i exist anymore to them? I bet if i ask anyone to describe me they will have no idea how to. I'm not good at making new friends and i'm not good at maintaining good relationship with them. Gosh what is wrong with me.

Let's keep it short, i miss my friends 😭

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