Saturday, October 10, 2015


Assalamualaikum and hello

Since i'm in the mood for blogging after all these years please do expect few posts from me. Well, people are moving on to write on wordpress tumblr journal or whatever but here i am still stucked with my old blogging. I guess the sentimental value that makes me stay. Tho the feels of typing through phone and computer is totally different but hey we have to keep up to date with the technology. So i would like to thank the creater of blogger apps that make sure the blogger era has not die yet.

Okay back to my topic. Internship. What is that. Well in my university we called it practical industrial training where we experience hands on industrial work. I just love how it sounds when we call it internship. Sounds so professional i must say. So i just wanna share a short experience of mine going thru this whole internship thingy.

I cant really call it an experience because i am actually going thru it right now. Okay, before graduating it is an university requirement that we finish a 4 months training in any company and prepare a thesis as well in that period of time. Right now, i'm currently studying in semester 5 where i'll be going for an internship in semester 6. Well the process begin when you are in semester 5. You have to find a company. You have to prepare your outstanding resume. You have to go for an interview if they want you to do so. Its either phone or live interview. Any of it. You have to apply to many companies. You have to prepare for rejection. You have to prepare for plan B. Thats a lot of thing you need to do. First of all, just prepare your mental and physical. Even me myself are not mentally prepared. Now i'm in the state of applying to many companies. Which there are a few that i hope to give feedbacks. Pray for me. Bismillah to my journey. I hope everything goes well. May Allah ease my journey and the rest of my fellow friends.

I just wish that i keep an update of my life even if its short. Because you know, this is one of the thing that i will look back to when i'm old. This memories.

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