Saturday, October 10, 2015


Assalamualaikum and hello.

Well hello to anyone that might read this blog. I'm shocked if there is any. As you can see i'm not a frequent blogger tho i promise i will be. However, i decided to log in to my blog today and i saw a comment from my lovely friend who reads my blog in 2015. I'm touched. I can actually crying any moment now. I can't believe that a friend of mine still reading my blog and are willing to scroll back to our memories years ago. That is also a reason why i don't delete any of my post. Eventho people always delete theirs to show that they have moved on to another phase of life. Well for me, i am moving on yet i will not erase any of my memories. Even i look stupid as hell in previous life. I dont care. Those are memories that i will never get back.  I will treasure it like the precious things on earth.

So, a quick update about me. Well i'm graduating my bachelor degree soon. Wow. I'm not getting married yet haha. I'm going for an internship next year. I have been aunty/acu for 3 years now. Current update of my nephew and nieces are 4 and another 1 is coming soon. I'll post their photos soon if only we know how to properly snap them without all the kids running or crying or shouting. Yep. Soon maybe.

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