Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Visa Application

Today i went to US embassy to apply my visa with my family. So here is a helpful guidelines to help you guys for malaysian visa application at us embassy. Wow finally i post something informational. *clap yr hands*
First thing first, what must you bring?
1. Appointment Confirmation Letter IC / Driving License (preferably IC
2. Passport
3. I-20 Form
4. DS160 Confirmation Page
5.Visa Fee Receipt (that contains your Unique ID)
6. SEVIS Fee Confirmation Page
7. SEVIS Fee Receipt
8. Financial Statement/ Affidavit
9. Offer letter from the university
10. One passport-sized photo (Bring two photos at least, just to be on the safe side). 
So basically that is what you should bring. Thanks to mizafirzana i found this on her blog. Hihi.
Next is the step of the process
Firstly you are going to the guard house and exchange yr ic/id for visitor pass. For security purposes ofcourse. Next will be the security scanning metal part. Thats what i call it. Bcs everything that have metal on it will make a 'bip' sound. Just like the airport scan. So my dad went through the scanner but the bip sound keep on bipping. He taken off everything, shoes jacket belt. But one thing he forgot is an inhaler in his pocket. For your information, inhaler consist of metal so make sure put it in basket also. Remember you cannot bring any electronic device in the building. So if you cant live without yr gadgets or smartphone bring a book. Surely it going to be boring. Okay so we went through the security check.
Second, when you got in the embassy building on your right there will be a place to pick a number. It will came out in two pieces. Yeah dont be panic like i do. I thought my mum press it twice but it is actually two pieces. One is for you and another one for the counter. Now it is not too long for yr number to be call out. Be ready. Dont missed it like we do. Hihi. When yr number are called make sure to walk fast. You dont wanna make them wait too long. Then at this point, you gave everything necessary. Passport, form etc etc. There will be a list so be prepare. Just for a short while and you will have to wait again for next counter.
Thirdly, after finish with giving documents. You wait. When your number are called, go to the other counter for finger print purposes. You have to put 4 of yr left fingers, then 4 of yr right fingers and lastly both thumbs. It is really easy and quick process. Well if you dont have problems with your fingers. Hihi.
Fourthly, interview session. After fingerprint session you wait again till yr number are called. This may take a longer time. Be patient everyone. As we wait almost an hour for this session. I actually fell asleep during this time. After a long wait, our number are called. I am so excited and scared as the same time. I was imagining an interview in a room with people wearing coats and chairs for me to seat or stuff like that. But it turn out to be a simple q&a session with a standing position. Yeah like at the bank counter. So dont worry much abt interview session as it is very simple. However it depends. Certain people will be asked around 2-3 minutes. If anyone looks suspicious, their session could be longer around 7-8 minutes. So it depends on your reason and proof. If you are going for a holiday make sure to bring bank statement or anything to show you have enough money to go for a holiday. Single person also be prepare. Whatever it is, keep calm and smile. As they are very nice to people.
Lastly, at the interview counter they will tell you directly if yr visa is approved or has been rejected. Luckily ours are approved! Yeaay. Alhamdulillah. Finally am going to united states.
Hope this help anyone who are going to apply for a visa. Remember to wear something nice and sopan. No need to be all formal but its okay if you want to do so. Enjoy!

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