Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Masih diskriminasi?

Tak faham dengan pemikiran orang yang masih diskriminasi terhadap umur ni. Kenapa tak boleh nak respect dan dengar kata orang yang lebih muda. Maybe they are wiser than you. Maybe you should listen to them just for awhile and try to understand instead of judging and criticize whatever they do. What kind of people are you. Even in Islam, we should respect each other no matter how old are you. It does not matter if you are 20,21 or even 25, you still have to respect your junior or people younger than you. Especially when you are working with them or need to communicate with each other.

I admit that i am the youngest in my class wherever i go. Yeah, maybe it is weird to someone else but not to me. I'm proud of myself. I'm at the same level with people older than me. But truthfully, i dont even discriminate people by age or gender. I respect them as a people older than me yet they are still my closest friends. My friend never assume me as adik adik. They treat me like we all the same. And i love them for that.

I don't get hurt when people judge me or say that i'm not qualified for certain position, honestly i don't care.. Well actually i do care a bit, but let face it. I earned whatever reward/position/results that i get. With my own effort. So whatever you say does not matter cause i always be me and be forever young.

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