Wednesday, December 7, 2011

you are my future

well, i'm still here. still cannot sleep. this past few days i've been sleeping like very late even i know i have something to do in the morning. darn it. i don't want to wake up late for tomorrow. like seriously. i never early in any date i made. and i'm sorry for that. i hate the fact that people have to wait for me. but i also kinda hate waiting for others. so, moral of the story is. 'everyone have to be punctual' but yeah, i have to change then.

so, my title is about you. and i hope that you'll be my future in everything. because you gave me happiness. and i'm so thankful for that. you makes me smile, laugh, cry and laugh again. you always there for me. all the time. when i'm at my worst. and when i'm at the top. you just there for me. and i know you are the one for me :')

ohmygod, my eyes are all teary now. okay enough. i don't know why i have to mention you in my every post. but i just love it. okay one thing i want to talk about is other people blog. i'm kinda jealous with people who wrote a blog with perfect grammar. i mean like not that perfect. but when you read it, you will feel like 'she find a word from dictionary or what' because the words are bombastic and can blow your mind away. i just love to read blogs that are very inspirational and true. my battery is very low, so ciao.

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