Tuesday, December 6, 2011

the last row

since i'm like freaking bored and no have idea what to do, i'm gonna write a post about my spm. interesting isn't it? haha. yep for me. guess what, everytime when the seat changes for every subject. i always get to seat at the last row. each exam. i don't know why. but i'm loving it. cause i seriously love to seat at the back. yknow what's cool about it. you can watch every person in the class. i mean kids in front of you. on your right. on your left. even the pengawas peperiksaan pun! haha. seriously. when i'm bored or i'm done or i've no idea what the answer is then i'm gonna spend my time watching everyone else. haha that's me. wasting time in exam. okay. just that for know. since he already reply my twt. chaw! have a nice holiday ;)

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