Thursday, December 8, 2011

UPSR candidates 2006
PMR candidates 2009
SPM candidates 2011

hey everyone, i'm done with school. finally. finally. finally. 16 years in school have been a long time for me. but throughout those years, i've learnt a lot about life. life is so simple, but it ain't easy. but we human that make our life difficult. just like a plain canvas. where the artist will patterned it by their own hand using their own creativity and way of thinking. just like life, we determine our own life using our mind. because everyone are gifted with different brain. thus everyone think differently. that is why so many different attitudes and behaviors that we can see in human being. 

however, i just past half part of my life. i've past my teenage-awesome-life. so i have to get ready to enter a bigger, harder, tougher and so drama life. haha. wait, i'm still a teenager. boo me. college life won't be easy i tell ya. so i'm gonna enjoy my holiday as fun as i can. probably getting a job since i'm out of cash. so i'm not wasting my time. what a great plan farah. holiday in march 2012. can't wait for it.

so, my next big plan is have a nap all day because i need to relax. like seriously, i've been busy this few days and i just need some rest. please. maybe on weekend. then, find a job with big pay. mata duitan. yep. i need money dude. i wanna hangout. and i have to spend my own money for holiday next year. my mum is so mean. but at least she already bought the flight ticket. hehe. i should be thankful for that. alhamdulillah. and the destination of holiday? will update soon. lasagna is in the oven and are ready to be mine forever. really need to feed this poor tummy. ciao. 

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