Saturday, December 10, 2011

alert, OWL necklace.

okay, now i know about that OWL necklace. i've been wondering why the necklace have been a trend lately to all teenagers. but then i found it is famous in tumblr. so, i thought it just a normal necklace that everybody wore nowadays. but did we all us know what the meaning behind the owl necklace? no we don't. so here i wanna share about it. here you can go this link --> more details

subhanallah. i was very shocked when i read this. no wonder the owl neckalce have been a sudden trend to the world. so, my advise is you all can throw that necklace away. tak kisah la lawa ke tak apa, tapi kalau nak menyokong dorang apa semua. baik tak payah. dulu tak tau, it's okay lah. tapi sekarang dah tau takkan nak buat dosa lagi? renung-renungkan.

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