Thursday, December 8, 2011

finally, i'm done.

"spm candidates 2011 :)
*pesanan : the owner will be away for i don't know how long. but she still gonna update her blog when she have the time. then, she said please keep reading her blog until she told you not to do so. thanks for your co-operation.

lots of love, the owner :)"

okay, remember this? yep, it used to be on the right side of this blog. but hey, i'm officially done with my last paper today! so..... no more spm candidates. ohh. i'm so happy. and i'm so proud of myself cause i can get through this spm year and thank god i'm still alive now. alhamdulillah. 

the moment while doing the last paper was totally nerve wrecking i said. because it is quite tough. thank god next year there is no more est subject because it is totally such a crap. i mean, like totally wasting your time reading all those article and the question is very short. damn. i hate it. anyway, i've done it already and what can i do now is tawakkal that my spm result will be like kebaaaaboom. super straight A's. amin. 

so, i'm done with ten subjects. finally. and i'm proud to announce that i'm officially not a high school student anymore ;) 

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