Saturday, December 10, 2011

life after school

how are you guys doing? great? good. because i'm not so great. pfft. i thought life after school would be an awesome life. hangout all day, do this and that. but guess what, i'm just sitting here at home... updating my blog. what a life. well, it's still school holiday now. the cinema is full with school students. maybe i'm gonna watch the movies after the school starts. kereknya dah habis sekolah. tapi time cuti sekolah ni la banyak movie. ugh, i hate the cinema. happy feet 2, puss in boots, breaking dawn, ombak rindu, new year's eve, ghost protocol. seriously, cool movie... ugh i'm gonna die. but i'm done watching puss in boots and ombak rindu. so, i'm quite happy. watched puss in boots with Aina Masri. it was my first time hang out with her. and kinda awkward moment went to watch with her, just both of us. awkward. but hey, she's fun! gossip gossip and more gossip with her. we are girls, and we love to gossip. i went to watch ombak rindu with him. the movie was great. i would give 4 out of 5 stars. because at the beginning of the movie, it was like freaking slow... and i almost fell asleep. but then it get more interesting and i recommend you all go and watch it. come on, support our movie industry. unfortunately, i did not cry. i almost cried. but he kept making me laugh in the movie hall. how can i cry when i'm laughing? haha. so, i'm looking forward to watch breaking dawn, with him. and new year's eve also. the rest i might just download it.

my activity as usual of course tweeting. but when no one mentioning me, it gets pretty boring. ohh and playing games. yep, my favorite of all time. do you play cityville on facebook? if do, please be my neighbor and help me to increase my level. now i'm in level 18 while most of my neighbor are in level 30 and above. lame me. i'm so slow, i know that. that is why i need more neighbor to visit, to help me level up faster.

did i tell you that i went to 'big bad wolf book fair' last few weeks? i guess i did not tell you all about it. i loved it there! seriously, the books are awesome and so many choices. and mostly the range of price is only rm3 and above. i mean, where can you find and english novel that cost rm5? only there. my sister is a big fan of Sophie Kinsella, so i help her find sophie's book. unfortunately, we did not found it. so, we bought like 12 novels. awesome aitee? and i don't know when i'm gonna start reading it. maybe this holiday when i'm doing nothing. but i started reading 'open house' by Elizabeth Berg. i hope it's a fun book. and hopefully i can improve my english by reading those books. and without knowing, my other sister went there too. and she found Sophie Kinsella books, she bought it. and i'm so happy for my sister.

that's all for now, my mum calling me for dinner. gonna update about my work plan soon. ciao.

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