Saturday, December 10, 2011

my future ahead of me

i should probably get a job rather than sitting at home and waiting for money from my mummy. i wanna go out and find a job. please.... anyone with me? i don't wanna waste time like this. seriously. i don't wanna relax. i relaxed enough these few days. i want a job. i want a freaking job. ohh, by saying like this i won't get a job. am i? tomorrow i've got a wedding to attend so i might have postponed my job hunt on monday. but lately it is so hard for lepasan spm to apply for a job yknow. it's all because other students that are working on school holiday. and most probably many of us lepasan spm will get a job in january. like what.... january lambat lagi tau tak. nak cari part time job pun susah sekarang ni. what a life. maybe i just need to go apply for a job, just chill and wait for their call. okay, i will. chillax lah bro.

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