Sunday, December 11, 2011


i still remember this, our crazy moment. it's me and my sisters. the picture was taken in dubai. 2010. when we made our ladies trip. yep, just ladies in the house yo! my dad was left out because he got work to do. so, it just us ladies for a dubai trip. awesome aite? yep. but it kinda sad leaving our banker home. lol i was joking. my mum is a banker too. haha. but i'm kinda sad because most of the picture don't have me inside them because i was the one who taking all the pictures. i hate it when i have to take pictures of everyone and i was left out. do you guys wondered why my mum is not in this picture? this is because mummy went to other shopping mall and left us here at this shopping mall. okay, dubai have lots of shopping mall. really worth it okay. have an awesome trip with the ladies. my second time in dubai but different experiences. maybe i should make it three times. haha. okay, next time.

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