Saturday, December 31, 2011

new year's eve

assalamualaikum and hello, it''s been awhile since my last update. my life kinda busy and hectic. finally i got a job. but until 1st of january and that is in few minutes. tomorrow is my last day at work as promoter the store in dewan kuning, section 7. i work for few days only. 11 days i think. so far kerja just doing well. and not really busy since the place macam tak ramai sangat orang masuk. and we all kinda lepak-ing all day. cool. anyway, gonna start job hunting again. soon i hope.

tonight is new year's eve. i feel kinda lonely. yeah i do. everyone seems to left me out. all my friends celebrating at red carpet, the strand and also at the curve. my sister also left me. even my love one also seems to enjoy his night without me. okay i'm not gonna cry while typing this. just smile, come on. i'm strong to handle this. it is new year, it suppose to be fun.

my wish for 2012. i wish i can improve my relationship with Allah s.w.t, my family, my friends.

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