Friday, June 7, 2013

Yay or nay?

I knew no one gonna read my blog. I knew that my last post was december 2012. I knew i said im gonna change and post frequently. Im sorry i lied. But thats not my point. I am officially out of matriculation forever. Yay or nay? Well, my life has been great there. It has been few weeks i left the beautiful place and now ive got my result. So i guess im officially have nothing to do with matric again. Haha. Yay. But nay because im starting to miss my life there. My friends, foods i used to eat. But i know its all memories that im going to keep and hold on to.
On top of that, i would like to show my gratitude to lecturers, datin pengarah, my friends, my family and everyone involve with me directly or indirectly. Dah macam penghargaan dekat folio. Haha. Anyway, saya akan rindu anda semua dan saya dah pun rindu anda semua.
Yknow, lepas ni there is no more Jiha waking me wearing telekung and i get surprised. Boleh sakit jantung. Haha. If im going to list everyone it gonna be endless post. So i just miss everyone! Nuff said. People of C1 401, A1T2, blok C1, friends, cafe BangDin, lecturers and even pak guard. Basically everyone i met in Kolej Matrikulasi Perlis. Thank you.

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