Thursday, November 29, 2012


Hi, ive been staying here almost one week now. And nothing change actually. The classes are still the same. The people. The food at the cafe also the same. But it will change. Somehow. The date is not confirm yet. But now it says on 11.12.12 yeah. A beautiful date. Too bad im not sure if its gonna be beautiful or not. Its the date that our results are out. Im scared to death. Thinking of it just make me wanna throw up. And now all the rumours are spreading throughout kmp about bad news/good news. Ah, i dont care. What we can do now is pray to Allah. Stop thinking about the results.

Actually my point of writing this is to tell how wonderful my life has been here. Haha. Well. Most classes are being cancelled. I can woke up late and no rush in the morning. And most classes just for half an hour. See how wonderful my life? But i guess it just for this week only. Yeah. However im still going to enjoy my wonderful peaceful week. Ciao for now. May Allah bless you. Yes you who are reading this post. Assalamualaikum.

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