Wednesday, November 28, 2012

News update

Hi, i just had my dinner. Mamee express cup tomyam flavor. Favourite of all time. Im not gonna story about maggi bcs here i wanna tell you all, THAT RESULTS ARE GOING TO GET OUT SOON. okay. Its freaking me out. Like seriously. Results our final sem1 exam. And if anyone fail, they have to leave kmp as soon as possible. I hope i excel on it. But only Allah knows. Im just hoping that me and my friends got an excellent results so we can stay for another semester here and finish our matriculation programme. But i still dont get it, why the results are out earlier? I mean before we register for 2nd sem? Anyhow, im still praying for the best. InsyaAllah. Dengan izin Allah, kami semua akan berjaya. Amin.

Quick story about sem2, many classes are being cancelled because most of the lecturers are having seminar. Yep. Happy indeed. And today my class only 1 hour. So yep veeeery happy! So, i think thats all. Assignments and works are starting to pile up. Ciao. May Allah bless everyone :') Assalamualaikum.

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