Thursday, November 22, 2012

When you're gone

Im not gonna sing avril lavigne song. Just another post after a months.

I kept on wonder why do people ran? Went missing and so on? Maybe they just freaking tired of their life. Do they want to be found? Or just dissapear like a thin air. I just dont understand. Maybe they want attention from certain people. For example, if i shut down from the outside world. No social network, no phone. And people doesnt even know if im still alive or not. It just me and myself in my own world. Would people care to find me? Would people try to find me? Would people go to my house to check on me? It seems like i missing, im there but no one knows. Maybe theres a reason why im shutting down from everyone. Maybe i cant take anymore drama. Maybe my heart holds enough pain. Maybe it times for me to explode. But instead, i ran away from everyone.

WHAT IF, i expect people to find me. But the worst fact is no one ever try to find me. Its like living in a dream. Yep reality hurts. I prefer living in a dream, where i feel wanted and appreciated. Hey, its reality. No one care about you, you just a normal girl that everyone left you because you are plain boring. So you have to learn to accept the fact that, running away does not solve anything. You just cause more problems than ever. Stop running and start living, dear self.

I have no idea what i was saying, only myself know what my point is. May Allah bless anyone who read this and also people in gaza who having a rough time now. Assalamualaikum.

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