Friday, November 23, 2012

There's no place like here

It was actually a book by 'i cant remember the author's name' however i can relate a lot with the book. I was reading it and somehow i connected to it. It actually related to my last post. About went missing. Yeah, the book is about that. Well, im not going to be an author and rewrite what is in the book. And too lazy to write the synopsis also. Im just going to share what i think about it.

Not to be racist and judgemental, but i as Muslim, i believe in Allah. In rasul. In qada' and qadar also In al-quran. Therefore i would like to say though i can relate with the book somehow the book feels incomplete because they dont have faith in Allah. Though i agree with all the concepts but i have Allah with me, all the time. So i wont worry if everyone left me in this world because i know i always have Him. If we trust Him, have faith in Him then we wont be lost or lonely. Because when we remember Him, He will always remember us. Thats all i wanna say.

Ps: Happy birthday dear friend on 24th nov. Have a blast. And i dont think i have the guts to say directly to you. Im sorry. May Allah bless you always :')

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