Tuesday, December 6, 2011

one more to go

well, i won't change my description on the right until i'm finish with my paper. and guess what, i only have one more paper to go! yep, EST. stands for 'english for science and technology.' so, it's on 8 december and i can't wait for my total freedom after that. of course i'm gonna miss school, friends, him and everything. but let me enjoy my freedom moment later on. haha. seriously i kinda hate when people say to me 'kau rindu sekolah nanti.' i mean like of course i'm gonna miss my school. i've been studying there for five years yknow. duhh. 

hm, one person i gonna miss the most is him. i wonder who gonna take care of him for me. please take care of yourself since i'm not gonna be there all the time for you. just so you know, you will always be in my heart. always :') 

okay enough with your lovey dovey story farah. spm still not over. but i have no idea what to read for est. so i'm gonna discuss with my friend later on. wish me luck on my last paper! i love it when people say 'goodluck' to me. the awesome feeling ever! trust me. okay, enjoy today, tomorrow, and the rest of your day.

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