Monday, March 29, 2010

pakcik nazir.

for 1 week, nazir will ber'kampung' at smk section 10. and they will go class after class and nak 'pantau' school. and this morning, i met with one of them. act, i don't know it was nazir. luckily i greet that person. so, i'm fine! hehe. and when agama class, nazir suddenly came in. semua blur. and that time we all was reading 'wirid'. so, takkan nk stop plak. but then, ustazah suro bagi salam. then, amir said : selamat petang tuan. so, we all follow and that nazir said : okay. teruskan. not bad la kan this nazir.

and we all pun keep on learn as usual. then, that nazir went to farah asyikin table, asking something. which i could not hear. haha. so, we all buat dek je la. ;p then, ustazah bagi nazir check books. and all my 3 books was checked. i don't know if nazir ada wrote anything. tak kesah, because i keep on thinking nak balik.

balikkk time! and amir tak pergi send rumusan. so, me and syera have to go la. grrr, dahla i have to send the buku kawalan kelas plus rumusan plus sejarah. tired lol. then, went to bookshop beli another book for chemistry exercise. so, after all, it takes 15 minutes. and aunty zan already there when i went out. so,, sorry for being late, hehe. :))

and now, i'm home safely. and dah online for few hours. gosh, when to stop. grrr. :))

ps : it have been 2 posts since i start speaking. actually, nak improve my english la. please help me. and kalau nak speak malay, must use bahasa baku. so, rojak pon rojak la. :))

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