Monday, March 29, 2010

hari anugerah cemerlang. -____-"

duhhh, seriously i'm tired because of this stupid hari anugerah cemerlang plus mesyuarat PIBG. they asked us to came on 8 o'clock sharp. because they want to arrange and blablabla en. and guess what, we all waited for 3 hours in the utility room. if i know it will be that long, i will come on 11 o'clock.

anyway, still greatful because i can meet my old buddies. 3 abubakarians and other friends. :)) and and, spm was there to. and i saw atokkk! haha. and glad he's not wearing selipar cina. ;p

hmm, almost 11.30 then finally it's our turn to go take the present. my hand was shaking badly and so cold. and when i shake hand with pn ros. she said : sejuknye tgn. and i just laugh and went off the stage to go to meeting room. and went to take the money prize. guess what, just rm20. and my friend, my parents, and others buzzing about it. i don't care, at least money and that noon went mcd! hehe. lucky, still have balance. keep it for the future. :))

still kinda hate this day, but still love this day, :))

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