Wednesday, February 24, 2010


nk taw x? xnk? lantakla.

urgh , tension semestinya adabi! like crazy kot stay 2 days in a row. pnt! tuesday, sport house meeting, wed, club & game. so tired!

hw? err, do i need to say this, of coz la byk! mcm kucing berak merata. seriously a lot! & mostly have to pass up tomorrow. ei, ckgu ney heartless btul! if nk bgi student ney pndi pon, agak2 la. && if notes kn, boley x just fotostat & paste. can? no need la nk salin2 ney, waste of time duh! last2 still read the text book rite? wut the use of the damn notes? urgh, stressful! 

&& if anyone yg interested ke ngn bf aku tuh, pls just go and meet him, & say i like u! x pyh nk conteng my table! jealous i wrote that? go away! they want him? just take him, & leave me alone.

&& tdi pjumpaan bm & badminton, it is stressful! oh, y everything have to be stressful? duh. bm, kne kmas bilik bahasa, u know wut, i'm the laziest girl in the school, so, i really can't do kemas mengemas ney! benci la. & now badminton, urgh, y i join badminton if i'm not good at it? tula, gatal lgi sukaty join. errr, last2 just watch them happily playing. sucks!

& thnks to all my fren that is willing to cheer me up & forget my stress. & kak sally, just wait. u'll get it from me later on! haha. & amal, kaw akan guling dkt padang satu hari nnti! just wait!

ps : td is my first time baring di atas pentas ok! oops, not baring, ditolak + digeletek. err, whatever! thank god, x rmi mse tuh. mekar, amal! u guys tag team plak eh? it so not fair! * still trying to forget abt stress & be cheerful all the time. please!    

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