Sunday, June 9, 2013

Productive Sunday

Today is Sunday and guess what, i had a productive sunday. Wehoo for a lazy bum like me. Okay so i woke up early bcs i was so excited to watch movies. Its been awhile tak tengok movie. Mum sent me to midvalley, and on the way she was babbling abt me driving by my own so I wont troublesome her. Haha okay mum, i'll get my license soon.

So we plan a movie marathon. Actually plan for a three movies but end up buying only two movies. Which is KIL and Fast 6. Funny thing is that while we were watching KIL, they were only five people in the cinema. Me,tasha,saleha and another couple. It was my first time watch movie in a quiet cinema. Awkward. Haha. But hey, we make it like our 'mak bapak' punya cinema. The movie is a bit slow, but i kinda like Redza Minhat now. Celebrity crush alert! He is cute. And that girl Cristiane Suzanne look exactly like the girl in 500 days of summer.

Well Fast & Furious as usual awesome and da bomb. It just blew my mind everytime i watch it you know. And every sequel it just unique on its own. Impossible to do it in real life. I think this is one of the movie that i followed through all the sequel. Though it was rate 18, and thank god i'm already 18. Haha.

I'm looking forward for Monster University. It has been 12 years waiting for it you know. And also despicable me 2, because of that tiny minians are so adorable. I also wanted to watch Lari, so probably wait for it on Astro First. Bila lagi nak keluar kan. Haha.

Quite a long post. I am happy because i just had a productive day with awesome people. And i got my mac & cheese. Happy i am happy. May Allah bless us. Assalamualaikum.

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