Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Sambungan kepada post tadi. Actually my main point is to tell everyone that i am officially a matric student now. Yeah! Alhamdulillah, eventhough i'm at matric perlis but i still survive, for now. Haha. Life was hard here. Yeah since i never been to any boarding school and that is why i am so 'manja' kot. Not to say like manja mengada semua tu. What i meant like manja from doing chores like basuh baju, sapu semua tu. Dulu kat rumah ada washing machine, kat sini ada pun macam takda. Haha. If you know what i mean. But its not about the machine. It is about me. I've learnt a lot since the day i register as matric student. I learnt to be strong and not whining. I learnt to be more independent. I learnt a lot! Eventhough for just two months staying here and yes it still take some time for me to adapt to this kind of environment.

But i know that there must be reasons why Allah destined me to be here. And for now, i'm just gonna stick to this path that i have chose. And pray to Allah to guide me all the way and insyaAllah i'm gonna achieve my dream.

I guess that was the end of my post. For now, but this time dont worry. I'm gonna post some more frequently. Hehe. And oh one last thing, i miss everything back home. I miss my family, home, mango, him, aina, my kopiko, MCDONALDS, my friends and everyoneee in kd. Whoever reading this, may Allah bless you always. Assalamualaikum.

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