Sunday, January 9, 2011

sorry blog

sorrylah terpaksa curang dengan blog. i have to admit that tumblr is more awesome. haha. sorry to say. but yeahh. :D but hey, at least i've been updating my blog. see? new background, new post (the one i'm typing right now) and that traffic feed blablalalala. haha. i'm nice :)

i have my new schedule for this year. yeah, spm rite? hm, weekend online till midnight and everyday i have free time, either playing games or online. so, up to me lah. therefore, i maybe will not update this awesome blog selalu. (perasan) haha. but the best is i try to avoid from online everyday. but my mum said that the best way for me, sebab aku ni jenis kalau belajar 24/7 akan stress dan cepat pening and i will HATE study. so, my mum planned this so i'll be more relax and study focusely.

well, few days i've been trying to study after school. but wht happen is ;

1. take the book.
2. see the cover of the book for few minutes.
3. look at the first page for another few minutes.
4. close the book.
5. look at the back cover of the book and read the author biography. (and yeah, lagi best kot)

and that habit dah jadi problem bagi aku. so, i have to change it! wish me luck to study.

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, semoga farah najwa binti asnan lebih bersemangat dan bersungguh sungguh untuk belajar dan mengulangkaji pelajaran demi masa depan yang cemerlang. AMIN

*baca berpuluh kali dapat pahala berlipat ganda. InsyaAllah.

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