Thursday, July 29, 2010

feel better :)

alhamdulillah dah sihat sikit, so hari rabu smlm g sekolah tpi tk msuk kelas sbb ade EASY MATH. wahh, mcm 3 hari cuti. haha. 3 hari tk msk klas. easy math best sbb dpt lepak dgn mekar and nadh yg dh mcm berzaman tk jmpe. awww. haha. :P

thursday turn out not so good. yeahh, ntg special just dpt skolah mcm biasa. plus my bad cough merosakkan suasana kelas. hahhaa. anyway, i do miss my class. :( glad dpt g skolah. ehh, tdi terpaksa bali klmbt nk siapkan my chemistry work. so yeahhh, tklah lewat sgt. tpi ble g dpn, rmi dh gone. haha. tk dpt jmpe awek mekar time balik. :(

stop thinking abt him, he's with someone wayyyyy better than you. nicer, hotter, cuter, prettier, cleverer, and blablabla.  i've been wondering why  when i'm with someone en, org tu tk happy. but after org tuh with someone else, he was so different, happier of course. maybe it's me? i'm the reason org tuh tk happy kn selama ni? ohhh. oky. i get it. no more relationship. i'll just ruin ppl life.  

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