Thursday, April 22, 2010

life. :))

when someone hurts you, you should write it in the sand where the winds of forgiveness get in charge of erasing it away. and when something great happens, you shoul engrave it on the stone of the memory of the heart where no wind can erase it.

i'm not ready for any commitment. i'm happy like this. so,let me be happy please. let me decide.


i suck on my oral. tht wednesday morning mmg tkde mood gile nk buat pape. so, hope oral dpt friday. sekali farah najwa kene pggil, mmg dh ready  but i'm not in the mood. so, my oral, tk hafal, tk lancar, gagap, nervous and sgt slow! anyway, glad it's over. tkpe, oral lgi satu will try my best. :D


it's been 3 days i've been fasting. :D hehe. alhamdulillah everything's fine and tak gastric. thank god. so, monday berbuka my mum's cook. tuesday berbuka JM beriyani, hehe, sje nk mkn rmi2 ngn family padahal aku sorg je puasa. wednesday plak berbuka mcd. :D i'm loving it. hehe. khamis ni tak puasa sbb igt pj. sekali tak pj pon. baik aku puasa harini. :p


hafidz : my night buddy. haha. nme utk kau. bdk seratas ni selamba badak je bwk fon kat asrama then msg aku mlm buta. hehe. :)) dah, habis sudah cerita ku kali ini. haha. :)) anyway, miss my blog. lme tk update. .  

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