Wednesday, February 17, 2010

holiday and homework. it's nature.

homework, homework, homework. when it's come to holiday, the first thing teacher would give is hw. well, it's nature. tchr always said tht hw to make student smart. like practice makes perfect. tchr, did u know that act, by giving us hw. it'll make student more dumb. bcos, student will just copy other friend's work. it not gonna change us. it make us students, more lazy, more dumb and importantly more failure. so, now u know that hw is junk, but u keep on giving us. tchr, instead of giving us hw, u should teach us clearly until we understand. not just teach briefly n then give tons of hw. oh, so crap! but, what to do. even kementerian suggested give hw to students. oops, not suggested. kementerian asked teacher to give their student tons of hw. well, we must respects our tchr. they r our second parents. so, we hve to follow their orders. n, even we hate homeworks, never hate the tchrs. n we have to put our effort by do our hw ourself n not copy others. that is most important in our life. this way, students will be more hardworking, smarter and importantly good grades! yep, it's true. don't let hw avoid us to enjoy our holiday. plan ur time to do both holidays n hw.

pesanan ikhlas drpd farah najwa asnan. still luv holidays though.  

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