Tuesday, September 15, 2009

RAYA survey*

1. Have you prepare for raya?
=> yup!

2. What have you bought?
=> baju kurung-3pieces, beg, shoes.

3. What is your baju kurung colour?
=> hm, black, pink-my fav

4. Are you excited about this year raya?
=> not really, bcoz it almost pmr.

5. Do you go 'balik kampung'?
=> of coz, every year.

6. Where is your kampung?
=> dkt hulu selangor jer.

7. Do you get any card raya?
=> yup, from aliah, liyana, ain. is web card countable?

8. Do you have any plans to go 'beraya'?
=> yup, but all after pmr la.

9. What is your most fav food when raya?
=> about food? i love everything. esp, my mum lontong n rendang. she such a great chef. muahxx.

10. What do you wish for this raya?
=> hm, hope it all went softly,smoothly,goodly n i hope i'm still focusing on pmr-.-

11. Do you like collecting 'duit raya'?
=> mse kcik2 dulu, wajib! but now, tggu org hulur jer.

12. Did you do anything to your house for this year?
=> nothing, so jgn dtg my house!

13. What is your last words?

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