Friday, August 21, 2009

describe diri ku :D

i'm using this tyme to describe myself as a person. of coz i'm a person. duh,,
da person in da picture was named farah najwa bt asnan. she looks friendly, n she is! but, she is a shy girl. but not sombong. she's funny. she's love to make joke. when she is joking, it seems not funny bcoz she needs to learn how to jokes. she's hate attention on her. she hates ppl look at her like want to eat her. she hate's when ppl kutuk2 her in front of her. klu nk kutuk blkg la. bongok btul. HAHA. but, she's a kaki gossip. she is super duper tiptop gossiper. lumrah hidup. but, she never kutuk dpn2. coz, she hates fight. she is da most sensitive person when ppl kutuk psl family, frens, crush, or something tht close 2 her. coz, it seems like kutuk her too. she has a really obvious habit. MALAS! she loves to post blog n hates to study. she likes to stay at home like a good gurl. HEHE. her favourite habit is EAT N SLEEP. she is addictive to chocolate n her bantal busuk! she can't sleep without bantal busuk. she scared of dark n scared to live alone. she love to CRIES! eventhough, its not sad, she easily cry. i noe she weird. she has lot of family matters. but she likes to keep in heart. n when she mad, pls do not disturb her! she is weird when she angry. but she don't like to hurt other ppl. but when, she veryveryvery angry, everyone will afraid of her. she is caring to her friend. but she hardly show it. tht's y she don't hve lots of fren. sorry! she easily crush on someone. HAHA. rite now, she has a big crush on someone! she always try to be da best. she hardly make decision. she need support by her side. she always need somebody though she doesn't looks like do. she loves to listen to music. n her faveret singer is taylor swift.
lastly, try to noe her better. u mayb like to be fren wif her, or not. but surely, she will treat u like a friends.
attention all : farah post dis blog when she is super duper bored! pls 4give 4 da grammar mistakes. pls 4give all my mistakes in dis post!

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