Sunday, August 2, 2009


hey, welcome to august! act, it's 2nd of august already. tht's mean, trial is around the corner. lyke in 10 days lgi! HAHA.. but i still want 2 play. come on farah,, read the books, not update blogs. ok, this 2 days nothing special. just simple life. yesterday, i went 2 my aunt house. her son julian n joshua a.k.a J&J are truly obsessed with michael jackson. they hve the best of mj cd. they showed me how mj dance. HAHA.. n they did the moonwalk. mstyla x jdi. coz dorg ckp only mj yg bleh bwat.

smlm x g cetusan inspirasi. ade kate best, ade kate boring. idk. I DUN CARE! HEHE. smlm duk umah tgk cte 17 again n cheap by the dozen 2. best sgt. siap gelak guling2. HAHA.

harini x bwat pape kat uma. tgk cte racing pe ntah.. xtaw tajuk. tdi bwat agama, keje yg ustzh bgi. sebaek aku mntk tjuk hadis!! senang sgt, skit jer. alhamdulillah, i'm done.

my heart will go on without him.


  1. hehehe.
    baru suda baca.hyep,
    xde keje nieyh.

  2. around the corner,
    n u just to belok2,
    then u sampai.
    after u sampai, u will mnggigil2 bcoz they give u a sucked paper.
    hhaha !
    then, u will cry.
    ouh, myb. jup2, klaw lapa je cry an?