Wednesday, July 15, 2009

no koko day!

mood : speechless.

on saturday, 18 july.. all of KAA form 2,3 and 4. xley g koko day!! for the 1st tyme evr, i will never get 2 go koko. so damnly frustrated. it's all pn ros fault. she set up the date! i almost cry, n we planned 2 kill the penceramah. but after heard ustzah told us about da benefits n trial is around da corner, n pmr! so, i'm good now! totally. but still thinking abt program whole day? sure is tiring, but, i'll try 2 do my best. hari koko? next year hve lol. hve fun? after pmr lgi best. act, agk frust until now, but i've been thinking, if ade program ney, sng ah bdk arb nk score. hee, tht's great! hopefully!!!!!

p/s: relax guys. we r special, rmember? so, it must be fun! btw, we get tyme to join da koko. ngee~

1 comment:

  1. yea, hopefully !
    hhuh, waa, but still can get y must koko day ?
    siapa pnceramah konon bz gle 2 !

    relax 4 45minutes?
    wht 4? like hell ! (sbb tmpt 2 panas ! )
    but , nvm, greatfull la jgk ade bnd nie,
    the day, ofcaz lot ppl coupling rite?