Wednesday, June 17, 2009


friend? wut's that mean?? i just dunno. hm, friends surely a lot. but they r type of friends..


friends come with lot of lot of lot of attitude, some is 'talkative', 'secretive', 'sensitive', 'untalkative', 'unreasonable', 'backstabber', and whatever. but whoever they are, they need second chance. when a friend made a small mistakes, y dun we give them a second chance? bcos ppl mke mistke, even ourself. y can't we accept other ppl mistake?

boy friend or girl friend;

we cn be friend. but, boyfriend a.k.a balak or girlfriend a.k.a aweks r surely troubling. hm, this 'bf/gf' think r nonsense. u tell her/him, u love her with all ur heart, but behind them, u cheated. that is really suck. when u hve someone, just take care of them, n leave other ppl! u dun hve to talk abt it to everyone. juz be hppy n shut it up.

true friend;

it is really hard to find dis kind of friend. because friends like a wheel, spinning until you bored, or spinning until the end of ur life. when a friend suddenly walk with u, if they hold ur hand, they r ur true friends (not ur gf or bf). they will laugh together, cry together, play together, n cheer u up.

bad friend;

i hate this kind of friend, backstabber r surely!! this type of friend r not human i guess. they r the spinning wheel, but they will stop rite after the wheel spinning. just stay out from this type of friend..

p/s; all this words has nothing to do with anybody. just from my brain, i guess. btw, i'm really appreciate to hve friends!! thnks a lot guys. n whoever u r, i'll always love you guys..


  1. nk cilok ayt nie,
    xtaw kaw amik mne tpi,
    gle touching.
    i love u lah syg.

  2. oh.
    jdi,cmne aku nk tawu aku ade kwn sajuti?

  3. mekar,
    love u too.
    ayt ni no cilok2 ma,
    made by; farah.

    kaw pkir aku pakar motivasi.
    true friend?
    kwn yg tidak mengabaikan kaw.
    kwn yg akn bsama sng n sush.
    kwn yg tidk mengumpt ttg kwn.
    kwn yg ambil brat.
    kwn yg mnjaga hati kte.

    however, bkn smua kwn sejati ada.
    tpi utk mendapat kwn sjati,
    jadilah kwn sejati!